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12-11-2013, 07:17 AM
Kids Fashion Trends 2013 Children's Fashion 2014
If you can afford it or your budget is available market brands, look for the highest quality and lovely things in children’s lines, for your little girl, an amazing flower dress from Mi Mi Sol, the new label from Imelde Bronzieri, one half of the original I Pinco Pallino, this green dress shows the purity of this little girl and her shinning face. Some blouses are available for those tiny little girls in an intense color from Charabia, are very lightening and cheerful colors suits their childish life events. Also a wonderful zinging color, from the amazing Anne Kuris for kids wear summer 2012. And many other blowing mind options that you won’t be able to decide which one to choose. For your baby boy there are a full suit that matched together for any occasion like this, suit of a jacket to the knees, a red t-shirt and pants that looks adorable on him making him just a little man, as every kid would love to look like their parents so every girl’s dream, to be like her mum same for the boy would love to be like his ideal dad so work a little hard to make your kids what they really want.