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12-11-2013, 09:46 AM
Zara Kids T-shirts for Boys 2014 Kids T-shirts 2014
ound neck or v-neck T-shirt? Whichever one you decide to go with, make sure you get it from Zara where they have many colors and designs for you to choose from. T-shirts are normally casual but can automatically be changed to dressy when you wear a blazer over them. If you want a funky look, Zara offers a t-shirt with neon earphone designs on it; it’s trendy, fashionable, and super cool! If you’re going for an athletic look, try the v-neck t-shirt with a patch on it or the one with the Champions print; they come in cool colors like green, blue, red, navy etc. Plain grey, white, and black t-shirts are a fashion necessity and a must have in every boy’s closet! They can be worn with anything! The beauty of these t-shirts is that they give you a nice casual look, with plenty of room to play around with colors of your outfit; they can go either way; casual or dressy! Wear them alone for a casual look and for a dressy look, throw on a blazer or a nice jacket. You can wear a plain white t-shirt under a leather jacket for a fresh, sleek, look; throw on a pair of sunglasses and you will look fabulous and cool!