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12-11-2013, 11:49 AM
Organic Cotton Baby Clothes trend 2014
veryday kid clothes and baby clothes must have comfort, style and value. Designers must have a special touch at reasonable prices . The most important thing is to get clothes that are good quality and comfortable it should made of 100% soft cotton (cotton , which is soft and absorbent is still the most common fiber) also naturally colored . I know organic clothes is hard to find most of baby clothes are dyed it’s not safest choice for our children and the plant ,but who wants to only dress in off-white ? (cotton’s color). For years blue has been the color for boys and pink for girls. What if you were to dress your child in purple or green you teaching your child to be a leader not to be a follower to be different you must ask yourself what do you want your child to be normal or a clone of the rest of the world This is the first step. From my point of view bright red is normally a boy’s color and all shades of purple are girls colors. No war clothes (military uniform) or girl scouts or animals shapes.