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12-12-2013, 08:36 AM
Diesel Shirts and Tops for Baby Boys 2014
If you are taking your baby boys to the club in a carrycot walking in the smiley sun then dress them in comfy shirts or t-shirts. Diesel provides women with different shapes of t-shirts with which their baby boys will look classy. If the weather is too hot then short sleeve t-shirts are the best choice. These t-shirts are made of jersey with side snap button closing. Some of Diesel short sleeve t-shirts are featured with front button closing instead of the side snap ones. In transitional weather, long sleeve t-shirts are preferred. They are tailored the same way as Diesel short ones but with long sleeves. In the evening, dressing baby boys in cotton shirts makes them look smart and gentle. These shirts come with front button clothing and dual button cuffs. Diesel t-shirts and shirts are perfectly balanced with their equivalence of pants to provide you babies with a gentle baby look.