Grand Wedding Dresses Spring 2014
If you like simple, chic and elegant looks, and want to attract the Invitees with your femininity and tenderness. 57 Grand feature with simple wedding dresses designs and non over ruche skirts. They have about 11 wedding dresses designs; they are called Chelsea, Cooper, Nolita, Rockefeller, Boathouse, Dia, Ellis, Pershing, Rubin, Whitney and Neue. Chelsea gown has a skirt of layers of chiffon with an upper silk chiffon layer with an open front and one shoulder strap extended across the back. Cooper gown doesn’t differ a lot; it has a French tulle upper layer with grey dots in Peach Sherbet with an open front. Nolita gown has a scoop neck which is ruche at the neckline and has rhinestone sash closed at the back on two hidden buttons in silk cotton material. Rockefeller gown doesn’t differ a lot from Nolita with a different shape of lace. Boathouse gown has V-neck with chiffon ruffles decorating the shoulder and the gown’s front and back. Dia gown doesn’t differ a lot from Cooper design with French square tulle upper layer in Peach Sherbet with an open front. Ellis, Pershing, Rubin, Whitney and Neue wedding dresses are all short wedding dresses and differentiating between little flared or simple skirts falls at the knee, V-shaped back while front closed or vice versa and they may have cap sleeves, removable one shoulder or may be sleeveless.