l the meat is seasoned and placed on the braai grid at the correct times some meat needs longer cooking than others, so they are placed on the braai first, and so on. This is done so that all the meat is ready at more or less the same time. We usually will keep it warm in an oven if needs be, though.

Any good host will provide a sumptuous array of accompaniments to go with the delicious meat that the menfolk will be moving around the braai grid from time to time (they call it difficult and precise, but we all know they just like to look important, and its actually the women who do all the real work ). There is always a large green salad, asparagus spears, pineapple slices, baked beans, beetroot slices, coleslaw, carrot salad and most often a potato salad. Bread rolls are a necessity too. Obviously these salads are the ones that my family like to choose from (we dont have all of these things at once mind you but usually a combination of some of them) other families might like other types of salads.
There is one very special treat that adds another realm of culinary heaven to the braai, and that is the mighty Potato Bake! If you have one of these, then the other potato salad wont be needed, as it pales (miserably) in comparison to the Potato Bake and no-one in their right mind would pass it up for mere potato in mayonnaise!! Here is my very simple recipe for Potato Bake. It has to cook for quite a fair amount of time in the oven, and the only real difficulty about it, is stopping yourself from eating it straight out of the oven. The smells that wil